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High-quality strength analysis and mechanical engineering services

Neteram Oy

Neteram Oy is a friendly and agile provider of strength calculation and mechanical engineering services. We emphasize effective communication and cooperation with the customer: the technically high-quality solutions achieved through cooperation open new doors for innovative developments. We are persistently searching for the best solutions for our customers’ challenging applications.

It is important for us to keep our promises and bring a new perspective to our customers’ challenges.

Our services

Strength analysis

Neteram Oy offers expert strength analysis presented in an understandable way.

Our structural engineers have many years of experience in various strength analysis tasks, such as demanding elevator technology applications.


Mechanical engineering

We provide a mechanical engineering service with a long and extensive experience base that allows us to consider product manufacturability, cost, installability and maintenance.

The expertise of our mechanical engineers covers a wide range of industrial needs, with our focus on elevator technology.

Mechanical engineering


Tarjoamme 3D-malleista tehtävää 3D-visualisointia eli renderöintiä teollisuuden tarpeisiin nopeasti, laadukkaasti ja kilpailukykyisin hinnoin.


3D-tulostustekniikan asiantuntijapalvelumme avulla pääsette kiinni 3D-tulostuksessa käytettävään tekniikkaan sekä kasvatatte oman henkilöstönne kompetenssia ja yrityksenne kilpailukykyä.



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Antti Närhi

Antti Närhi
COO, Senior Mechanical Designer
+358 40 500 1875

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